A word from the Principal Agent

Australian Visa Assistance started as an idea. With a career covering everything from Digital Design, E-commerce Solutions for Major Industrial Companies, Internet Casinos and QLD health, I wanted to create a new career doing something meaningful.

I volunteered at a Community Centre offering Migration and Legal Advice to people who can’t afford to pay professionals, but it was not enough.


I joined the State Emergency Service as a volunteer. We go out and climb on your roof after storms to fill the holes, we trudge through swamps looking for missing persons, and we do a range of other community functions. This was not enough for me either.


I then decided that my Migration Business was the key. This is what made me feel achievement and goodness knowing that I have changed someone’s life for the better.

I found like-minded Migration Agents and Lawyers and created relationships. I started to help new agents and lawyers who lacked the experience and collaborated with them. I joined a network of Agents and Lawyers dedicated to sharing experience and improving the industry and profession.


I then got involved in Facebook forums for Students, Parents and Partners. These specific ones are not like the others. Agents and lawyers are very strictly vetted so that only the best advice is given by professionals. Even at that, we limited the number of professionals so that the groups are about helping rather than fishing grounds for businesses. It’s not all free. We answer questions for people in trouble or doing it themselves, but often an applicant is in serious trouble and needs serious help. We charge for this. We have helped hundreds of people for free through these groups.


Where are we now?


I specialise in certain visas and items such as submissions, non compliance, Partner Visas, high risk tourists, students etc. When a person comes to me and it is a visa I don’t know inside out or I don’t have time, I put you onto the Agent I know through my networks who is an expert. I receive no commission, so you can be assured I send you to the best I know.


Andy Griffiths

State Emergency Service,

Grad Cert Migration Law and Practice,

Migration Agents Registration number 1686122