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Migration Agents registered with MARA ( have studied Migration Law and Practice at University. Your qualified Migration Agent should know the Migration Act, Regulations and Policy inside and out.

We don’t just do Visa and Citizenship applications.

We can answer all your questions, come up with strategies, have that refusal turned around, and even sometimes get you out of Immigration Detention.

We lodge visas.

Anyone can lodge a visa. Not many do it very well though.


We thoroughly look into your circumstances to see if you are affected by the visa killers, section 48 and schedule 3, and advise on the impact these will have and what can be done to bypass them.


You tell us where you want to be, and we work out a pathway to get you there. For example if you are wanting to reach PR, we can create an efficient and ‘doable’ strategy to lead you there. There is nothing worse than applying for the wrong visa or finding that the visa you applied for won’t allow you to move on to the next progression.

General Knowledge

Why do smart Migration Agents advise that getting married can reduce your options when it comes to getting a partner visa? You’ll have to ask me.

How do you write your GTE statement to convince the Case Officer that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant? You’ll have to ask me.

Good Migration Agents know all the rules, and the tricks.

The right forms

Did you know that you have to lodge your Sponsor Application with the Partner Visa Application. There are two application forms to fill out.

Did you know that if you are affected by section 48 there are extra requirements to lodge a valid Partner Visa application?

Good Agents know all the forms and documents that need to be submitted with the Application, and when they must be submitted.

Correct information

The Terms used in Migration can be confusing: An Eligible New Zealand Citizen is not a NZ Citizen eligible for 444 visas as the name may appear. Is you mother or brother a Member of the Family unit?

If you answer the questions in the forms wrong it can cause family members to be left off the application, outright refusals and cancellations, and even exclusion periods preventing you from applying for another visa for years.

Good Agents know how to do it right and how to fix it if something is done wrong.

We lodge Citizenship applications. We also can help determine if you already are a citizen.

Most people know that when applying for Citizenship by conferral (the most common way) that the general residence requirement is:

  1.  the person was present in Australia for the period of 4 years immediately before the day the person made the application;
  2. and the person was not present in Australia as an unlawful non-citizen at any time during that 4 year period;
  3. and the person was present in Australia as a permanent resident for the period of 12 months immediately before the day the person made the application.

What most people don’t know is that we can get around most of that. Speak to a good Migration Agent.

There is never a guarantee of success. You are at the mercy of the case officer and your circumstances.

Sometimes you will get a refusal.

If you are still holding a substantive visa when this happens, it’s ok, you can apply for a visa again. If you were holding a bridging visa when this happened, you now have some problems:

  1. You are affected by s48 which means you now cannot make a valid application for most visas while you remain in Australia.
  2. You have 28 days to to regularise your status or leave the country.
  3. If you leave the country on a Bridging Visa or as an Unlawful, there will be an exclusion period before you can apply for another visa to return.
  4. You only get 21 days to apply to the AAT for review of the decision, and you must be onshore to do that.

It’s a real mess. We can help you through this. A good result is the AAT reversing the decision deciding that you should have been granted the Visa.

The cancellation process starts with you receiving a ‘Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation’ of your visa. You will be told briefly the reason, and invited to respond as to why it should not be cancelled. There will be a time limit to have this done.

These should never be done by yourself. Migration Agents have access to all the items the Case Officer must consider and what they will not consider. You could write a beautiful submission and fail because you did not address the items required.

A good agent will check the Legislation and Policy and list out each criteria that must be addressed. The criteria changes depending on the cancellation Power that was used. Usually it will be section 109 – incorrect information,  s116 – general cancellation (non compliance etc), or s501 – Character.

We then create a submission addressing the criteria and backed up by evidence and other caselaw.

The AAT is a genuine second chance at getting that refused or cancelled visa back.

You only get 21 days from the refusal/cancellation to apply for the AAT hearing.

The application fee is $1764 and most Agents will usually charge between $2000 and $5000. The fees depend on the circumstances and amount of work that will need to be done.

An AAT application only takes 15 minutes. We don’t charge for this. Once it is done we start working on the submissions. Basically we hope to convince the Member (kind of like a judge and jury rolled into one person) that the action taken by the Department was incorrect. It’s a big job and involves submissions and evidence. We may even need to bring in witnesses.

It could be a couple years before you get your hearing. We’ll make sure you have a bridging visa to keep you here while you wait.

At the hearing (if you get one) the member will sit and talk to you. Your Agent may be present but only has permission to speak if the Member gives it.

Although Ministerial Intervention can be requested after the AAT, the AAT really is probably your last chance

Most schools will offer a commission to the agent for students we enrol.

Australian Visa Assistance will always advise of any commission arrangements, and will give you a written explanation on why I we have chosen the particular school for you. You will never be dumped into a school because it offers the best commission.